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"Fekete Sereg" Youth Association is working in the rural area. We are working with young people and youth worker with fewer opportunities in our youth centre. We are working with roma minorities in Hungary. “Fekete Sereg” Youth Association was founded in 1997. We live in the Hungarian country side in a village of Nagyvázsony (1800 inhabitants). We usually organize local, departmental, regional, national, and international (EuroMed, Latin American region also) events, trainings, youth exchanges, short study visits and seminars. Our association has delegated in European Voluntary Service network hosting, sending, coordinating organisation. We are also trainee adult people for youth work. We are the first association in Hungary who hosted Senior Volunteer Program out of the capital in September 2012 in rural area in our small village. We are working regularly with roma children in our centre and with their family. We are helping for youngsters in rural area developing their social skills for their future job. We have local volunteers, EVS volunteers and senior volunteers as well.


Nagyvázsony, Hungría


5th of October – 15th of December 2018


• interested in social and solidarity economy

• have basic IT skills, to be able to realize the blog about volunteering

• motivated to continuously develop other young people and children, as well as themselves in the field of non-formal education, through outdoor activities;

• willing to learn more and apply the principles of social and solidarity economy and service learning in the benefit of young people;

• is able to work 6 hours per day (except Saturday and Sunday and other holidays);

• interested and motivated to work with groups of young people and children in our primary school (age 6-14) and in our youth center (age 10 - 26 );

• dynamic and creative to suggest, plan and develop activities with the children, youngsters and with the community;

• having basic IT skills;

• flexible, positive and enjoying to do a little bit of everything;

• enthusiastic about participating in different projects and motivated to carry out new projects.

• open-minded, interested in and ready to live in the Hungarian rural area

• English language is not obligatory but basic knowledge is highly recommended in order to communicate easier with the other volunteers


  • have strong motivation to undertake an intercultural experience

  • are unemployed

  • with fewer opportunities

  • interested in international volunteering


The volunteer’s will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable task. Together with the staff of Fekete Sereg we will help making the decision.

The volunteers will work in kinder garden of Nagyvázsony with children 3-6 years old from Monday to Thursday from 7:300 am - 12:30 pm.

There are 5 classes at Kinder Garden. Each class has two teachers and one nanny. About children, they have logos (examples: tractor, butterfly)

to recognize their belongings (their clothes, drawings, etc...) or to give them places for example (their locker, their towel to wipe their hands, etc...).

The missions of the volunteer :

Volunteer assignments may be different depending on the class and age of the children you work

with. We have made a global list of possible missions:

➥ Accompaniment in the acts of everyday life

✔ hygiene: WC

✔ food

✔ dressing and undressing

✔ meal service (1 snack at 9am, 1 snack at 10.30am, the start of lunch at 12pm)

➥ Accompaniment in the leisure

✔ games

✔ songs

✔ sport

➥ Artistic activities

✔ painting

✔ creating interior

✔ decorations

✔ other activities (recreation, outings, therapy


On Friday they will work in our youth Center with local youngsters sometimes they can visit some afternoon school and make some workshop for children age of 6-14 years old. If they have some special interest may be we can support also them. We are open to make some new workshop with them.


The tasks can be mainly to support Fekete Sereg Youth Association in organizing the regular activities and the occasional programs. The volunteer will be asked to support all the activities of the Youth Information Centre, as well as the organization`s international projects (organizing the concrete projects). As the youth centre is open every day Monday to Friday from 13:00 - 19:00 we can host children, youngsters from the village.

Another task is to promote EVS among the young people in Veszprém county by meetings and events. The volunteer can help to prepare the volunteers who will be sent in EVS by Fekete Sereg. There will come volunteers also from Portugal, UK, Estonia and Romania for 3 weeks, so the volunteer can take part in the on-arrival training and help them into to social life.

Regular programmes during the 2 month where we would like to coopearte with our volunteer:

  1. Organizing one workshop about social, solider economy, sharing experience is his country

  2. Ukulele, rap and drawing workshops: playing together  with the youngsters, preparation for events and small concerts

  3. Support in the Short term EVS hosting - 3 weeks end og November and December

If the volunteer is interested in it, (s)he can be full time in the local kindergarten


The volunteers will receive food allowance (in cash, 64.000 HUF/month which includes the 122Euro/month pocket money + 83,74 food money as well) and they have to care about the food for themselves. In the village there are several small shops where the volunteers can buy ingredients and in the house they have a kitchen where they can cook. It is also possible to choose one of the restaurants in Nagyvázsony.

The volunteers will live in a flat that is rented by the hosting organization. The volunteers share the apartment with each other. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet and a living room built together with the kitchen. One of the bedrooms has 3 beds and the other has 2. There is usually full-house, shared by many nationalities.

The house itself is 10 minutes walking from the Youth Centre and the Kindergarten as well


More info from Nagyvázsony our village:  a www.nagyvazsony.hu

Our association:  www.fekete-sereg.hu

EVS volunteer life in Nagyvázsony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUjApulgra0

FB page of our association: https://www.facebook.com/ifjusagiegyesulet.feketesereg?fref=ts

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