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My forth month as a volunteer. How fast do the time pass in Tailand!, maybe it has something to do with the five hour difference with my country or maybe not, what I know is that it looks like it was yesterday when I get to Bangkok's airport for the first time when the hot breeze greeted me melting with my face.

This last month I have the luck to say that I have experienced the way of life "100% Made in Tailand" since I have carry out a project where I had to live and work hand to hand with a thai local family.

My new home is a lovely little wood house to the typical thai style raised form the earth with a kind of pivots. A place where, with people or without people inside, you never feel alone because you are accompanied all the time with various insects that surprises you wherever you go. The house is surrounded with an enormous farm filled with trees and fruit plans, Banana trees; rubber; pineapple; palm; ginger; mango; etc... All of them accompanied by five cows with their respectives thai names, three chickens that spend all the day running by the place and two little dogs that only want to play. When you are out you have the feeling like the world is stopping for a moment, the wind moves smoothly the leaves of the trees that dances to the rhythm of the birds' singing. Spectacular!

I still remember my first day with the family, as I were still adapting to their way of living. When I suddenly saw myself stuck in a bus surrounded with forty thai smiling and talking me in their idiom like I was one of them. We went on a trip! We went to visit different farms of the south of Thailand where I could learn which were the typical agricultural crops of the country.

After this curious experience, every day that I have passed in the house of Pi Wit and Pi Koy, that is the name of the marriage which I live with, (for those who do now know "Pi" is a word of respect that you used when you talk with people older than you, always before saying their name) has served me to learn something new, that is something difficult after almost four months here.

Every member of the family has given me different things, with Pi Wit, the man of the family and at the same time my personal teacher of Thai because he does not talk much English, I had experienced how is live and work in a farm helping him in different activities. In the plantation of different fruit trees, the cleaning and plough of a piece of land for building a bigger stable for the cows, I have fed some peculiar fishes that have a natural pond born from the rain, pruning the trees of the place and helping to cut the rubber trees to obtain the latex, product from which Thailand is one of the main exporters.

With Pi Koy the woman, or the super woman as I call her because she is multipurpose and she makes everything, I have made different housework like cooking delicious and at the same time spicy dishes of thai food, the elaboration of natural soaps both for the body and to clean the clothes, go to the local market where the women meet and seize the opportunity to talk about their things and, to end the day, we went to a social centre when with the other housewives we get rid of the stress with a good session of yoga, in thai of course to don´t lose the habit.

And with Tam, the only son of the family, a charming kid very shy but at the same time very smiling, I could enjoy every morning taking the family cows to graze, taking them from the stable where they sleep to another place when they spend all the day eating freely and sleeping. A curious fact and at the same time a great teaching, is that they don't milk and drink the milk of the cows because they say that milk is for calves.

To conclude I would like to express my favourite moment of each day that is when the night arrives and I meet with the family in the porch after dinner like I am one of them to enjoy the cool breeze that comes after the evening (so different to that first hot breeze of Bangkok) that comes accompanied of a lot of fireflies that light the dark night. In this moment is when each of us became a particular teacher of our native language and is here when the laughter starts in each try to maintain communication with the different pronunciations of the same word.

Is in this moment when I realize that learn a new language is difficult for everyone and not only for me and that the most important thing is the motivation that you have to communicate properly and to know that person so different and at the same time so similar to you.

I continue my adventure with this lovely family. I leave you, the cows are waiting for me!

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