First months in Nepal


Living in Nepal gave me more positive things than negative ones. In my opinion, the main is the joy that Nepal passes it on to you. Poverty and dirtiness can´t combat the cheer that is emitted by its population day to day. After staying for one month and a half here, I haven´t seen anybody arguing, it´s difficult to see sadness on people´s faces: smile and kindness live together with real poverty. Before I came to Nepal, I had been a cheerful person, now I can say that I am even more. Now I feel happier and more relaxed, I don´t have any problems with getting angry, I control myself and still keep calm, and nothing disturbs me at all. I´m sure that I have learned this from Nepali people. Besides, I think that they teach you how to live without stress. You can feel the calm, even in Kathmandu. Although it´s better breathe it with a mask depend on what street you are. Not even a huge, despairly and very (daily/common traffic jam can kill calm and cheerful of drivers and travellers. Traffic and circulation are two of big problems in Nepal now. It´s difficult find sections with asphalt even in the capital and rarely you see traffic signal like traffic lights or stop signal. It´s important to value driving capacity of most Nepali people, since with this driving´s scene, they manage quite so well.

I´m surprised I have not seen any road accident until now. For covering 20 km, normally you need one hour of travel by bus or by car. And if you are in Kathmandu it´s better not thinking about time because you’ll never know what you will find in next street or crossroad. Sometimes it´s funny observing traffic: smelly alcohol control (policeman smells driver´s breath and thereby he can value really well the alcohol´s amount in blood).

Cultural poverty is big, children work in many areas. Majority education´s professionals aren´t qualified, neither professionally not regarding to training. In Taluwa (Okhaldhunga), this is the place where we live, contents what they work aren´t quality contents, for example, teachers don´t teach a correct English´s grammar because they don´t know it. Teachers haven´t a work´s timetable, you can find them in class, smoking or speaking next to school during their work time for a long time. At the end of the school all students can see like many of men teachers go to drink alcohol every day.

Here is habitual that men don´t work and drink alcohol daily while women work hardly during their whole life, since they wake up until they go to sleep.

In the family in which we are living, there are the parents (58 and 59 ages), their two daughters, their two daughters in law and 4 grandchildren. Their 3 sons live and work far away. The two daughters in law wake up before 5 a.m. and they do all housework, agricultural work, animal care… They never have time for themselves throughout their lives. People don´t show affection each other in their day by day. Mothers don´t kiss, hug or caress their children. Couples don´t touch each other and neither they maintain affinity looks each other.

I supposed the two daughters in law of this family when they got married, they come to live in this house without scarcely knowing to their new family. After that their new husbands went to live far away and they leaved their wives here. I don´t understand with this that love exists in these couples, and if it exists is a different love that I conceive like love. I don´t know if happiness exists in their lives with this scene, since happiness is something very subjective and each person understands in a different way. Life here is very different, conditions in Kathmandu can look like more to a develop country but in villages like this, buildings are of mud, wood or stone. Walls and ceilings not polish and land´s floor. Buildings´ structures don´t look like strong, when we walk around our room, it trembles. Kitchens haven´t smokes´ extraction and place for fire often it find at floor-level. It´s not comfortable for us cooking, washing, going to the toilet and others activities that require to bend over or crouch down, but for they this activities´ requirements permit them have flexibility, agility and a perfect corporal posture. This is something that my body is modifying but very slowly.

I envy this ability that they have, also their resistance, some of my students walk up to two hours to attend class, going up and down super steep slopes, with flip-flop or slippers. Conditions are very hard but they also have positive health outcomes like these. One of the negative results is that women appear to be much older than men of their same age, due to assignation of duties between gender.

They don´t give any importance to cleaning. Kitchen´s conditions: this is full of cockroach, thousands cover all things in the kitchen. My mates live together with mice in their room and in another house, others volunteers even have rats living with them. Pedro and I have shrew, mosquitos and more insects in our room but I´m happy for haven´t seen rats and mice in my room.

Animals urinate in my hose´s door and the family put babies to urinate in the same place, after that anybody never clean that. Garbage is everywhere in Nepal. The garbage´s and hygiene´s topic is the main problem in Nepal. Afterwards in some place project it´s work in teaching how to washing hands good, but I don´t think that this been the first for doing. The main thing is to create campaigns for making them aware of the problem: picking up garbage, cleaning public spaces, teaching them what they have to do with the garbage (they always burn it), etc.

And with this I go to the professional scape but before finishing with the personal scape, something very difficult for me has been the food´s subject. After my family (relatives and friends) food is what I miss more this month ago, but luckily my body and my mind have stopped remembering it. Now I don´t spend many hours on thinking in some particular delicious meal (sometimes I was imagining one dish from I woke up until I slept). Now, rarely I want to drink a beer and this do me very lucky in health and money. Prices in Nepal are much higher than I thought before coming. For example, the house´s father shells one bottle of beer(650 ml) per 250 rupees but in bars you find it starting from 350 rupees normally. In Kathmandu or tourist villages sometimes you pay the same that in Spanish restaurants, thus I am so poor that in Spain.

I have adapted quite well to hygiene´s subject. Now, I think I can sleep almost any place or flophouse.

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