Namaste ! :)

First step in India...

Wowww I am in India for 2 months already! There are so many things to say, I don't know where to start! But for you I will do an effort ;).

Let's start from my arrival to Delhi. I arrived around 12 am in the airport of Delhi. As my train from Delhi to Kalka was at 7.40 am, I decided to take a nap in the airport. For those who want to smoke there is a special room. Do not get out from the airport because you could not enter again. It is obvious, but after 2 days of travelling, your brain or at least mine, does not work properly;).

Around 5.30 am, I decided to take the metro to reach the train station. Some guys told me the metro was closed but better to check it by yourself ;).

I met a lovely Indian family who helped me to find my way to the train station. I was so happy to be with them, because I was a little bit anxious to travel alone. Actually it was unfounded because everybody was really nice and helpful with me.

My Indian family stayed with me until the train came. They bought me my first chai and some food for breakfast. Sooo cute :) !!! We chatted together and shared our culture. I thank to them so much for their kindness !

The train itself looks like trains in Europe. Water and Indian meal are provided, but in my case I was sleeping, so I didn't have the opportunity to try the food;). The other volunteers told me the food was tasty, so try to stay awake, at least until they serve the food ;).

5 hours later, I finally arrived to Kalka. Still sleepy, I wondered how I could recognize and find the person who was suppose to pick me up.I didn't have any idea how he looked like! Luckily my doubt gone quickly as he came to see me few minutes later;). This first " hello" has marked the beginning of my adventure in RUCHI and India!! I was so exhausted but so excited meanwhile :)

RUCHI Complex

It took 1 hour and half to reach RUCHI by car. Once arrived I could meet 2 Spanish volunteers and had lunch with them. In the afternoon, we worked in the field and mulched the ground. RUCHI grew a lot of vegetable and fruits in their garden.

After my long and tiring journey, I don't know if I was really productive, but I really enjoyed to share this moment with my new friends and some RUCHI staff :)

On arrival meeting & first week...

I am doing my EVS in RUCHI NGO for 6 months.It is located in Bandh village, a wonderful and peaceful hilly area. People are mostly living from agriculture. They are really friendly and curious.

The first week has been dedicated to training and integration. We have learnt more about RUCHI and its activities, but also about the Indian culture.

We had the opportunity to meet the Empowering Women Group. It was really interesting to learn about their plight and culture. I was really impressed by these women. They gather by themselves to talk about their problems in order to improve their daily life but also to defend their rights. These women are really hard workers and courageous.

We also visited water tank project built by RUCHI. The goal of all the visits was to understand RUCHI's activities and Indian culture better.

We had chance to celebrate Holy Festival also known as " festival of colors" that represents one of the most important Hindi Festivals. We went to several villages to cover people with colored powder and water.

It was such a really good day, we had a lot of fun! People were playing music, singing and dancing. We even danced with them! I think this day is the best occasion to experience India in its happiest moment.

All the RUCHI members are really nice and welcomed us warmly. I am really happy to live both with Indian staff and people from all over the world. So far, I met people from England, Japan and Hong Kong. I am currently living and sharing my volunteering experience with 3 girls from Poland, Hungary and Italy and a guy from Spain.

My work consists in supporting them, to promote the EVS program and International youth exchange in general. I also contribute in RUCHI daily tasks; versatility is more than welcome:)

To be continued...

#CHARGER #2017 #Evs #India

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