Job shadowing program in Pistes- Solidaires organization

Pau, France (8th October to 28th October 2015)

I was invited to Pistes sollidaires office for job shadowing project. All staffs welcomed me as a representative of volunteers’ initiative Nepal. Staffs of this organization Mathieu, Magali, Flora, Pauline, Anais and others shared the program and working process of organization. They provided the plan to me as a weekly .I did the launching with pistes solitaire’s staffs’ and gained good experience from the staffs. Anais and Magali shared the Pistes solitaires programs, what the mission, objectives, activities,etc were. And then I got a task of the school activities and I oriented on how to prepare session for French children like; teaching and controlling method. After I prepared training session materials like Nepali, Philippines words (daily used words, special food names and other activities) and fun activities. We conducted the class in primary school with children(10-12 yrs) for 2 hours. Without proper communication language, we started the class by game and mediatation. I haven’t had this type of experience before so It was a new experience for me with them. I was astonished that European people were also unknown about English language. Children were quite happy from our class. School teams co-operated, respected us.

Next day we observed the city of Pau with other youth volunteers. They took us( me and other job shadowed volunteers for visiting the castle; museum, markets, parks and historical places).I discovered lot of things e.g.14th 15th Century’s art and craft, 17th 18th,19th century’s historical palace, architectural design and different types of garden etc. I was wondering to see different type of cultural heritages and its protection. Specially they focused on environment and historical heritage conservation and I had a good observation of European art and culture.

Next day Magali(staff of the pistes solidaires) took us on a tour to different places: Sauveterre-de-bearn, orthez, Salies-de-bearn etc. There was lot of tourism areas and lot of historical places and the place was naturally beautiful. Places like hot and salty water’s spring, similar house ,architect design. I was astonished to see similar house color, every house with garden and the land were properly utilized unlike Nepal, sloppy land were used for grapes farming. They developed tourism sites in places with view of mountains, and the city had some place for hiking as well.

Next day we went to visit the garden. I had never experienced European garden work. The garden was made by neighbors to work together and to be benefited from the harvest . Meanwhile I got the golden opportunity to meet EVS partners organization and I shared VIN’s programs between them. Next day we visited Pistes solidaires office in Bayonne with Jutta. We saw lot of amazing scenes of Atlantic Ocean. There were light houses, queen statuses, bridge, swimming place and boating places etc. We visited the culture program office (Organized consort, drama) and youth related organization of Nive collage of Bayonne i.e. multiple campuses of literature, culture, engineering, business, economics and international relationship. This college had mobilized youth volunteers as a hosting organization. Bayonne had different types of city; Pity Bayonne and Guna Bayonne.I got opportunities to visit urban gardens and I met people who worked in the organization; Laurent and Graines. We observed the garden; preparation, planting system, harvesting system and most of them were working in co-ordination system. I participated in the tutoring program of the volunteers with Anais and Jatta in Pistes-Solidaires office. We were doing a lot of activities like games( Name game),identify skills , volunteers background, identify the volunteers vision and mission with pistes solidaires etc. I learned different type of skills e.g. how to mobilized youth volunteers, volunteer’s ideas collection, understanding of volunteers view and attitude toward organization, how to find the volunteers skills, experience etc .

So I discovered that we always have to respect, preserve, protect and conservation of nature and heritage things/places and also we should create nature friendly and sustainable oriented environment. Moreover, I discovered that we have a lot opportunity to do volunteering in those places for achieving common goal. I would like to thanks pistes solidires and VIN for providing me this opportunity. My time was short but I had a good chance to learn various things. I am very happy to learn new things from that organization and I hope that I can use the thing/knowledge in my organization.


· Language barrier

· Long duration of by train (8 hours)

Lesson learnt from Pistes Solidaires

· Developed skills on youth volunteers mobilization

· Learned how to use youth knowledge in organization

· Learned how to use the ideas of youth

· Developed the ideas about best co-ordination between partner organisation.

· Developed the skills of volunteers mobilisation.

· Developed the concept of urban garden.

· Learned how to cope new problem.

· Developed the skills of co-ordination with Partner organization

· Learned how to best involvement of participants in program

· Learned about mobility knowledge.

#France #Nepal

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