Job Shadowing in Leszno

Job shadowing A short period of time to learn about a particular occupation or organization. This activity helps employer explore the world of work and the range of opportunities found within an occupational area. Job shadowing helps volunteers or employer develop realistic outlooks on careers and the educational preparation, competencies, and experience it takes to enter the workforce. A visit to the workplace exposes volunteers or employer to careers they do not know exist and shows them workplaces they otherwise might not have an opportunity to know about or experience. A shadowing experience assists volunteers or employer in connecting what they are learning in the area to the skills needed to succeed in careers. It can help volunteers or employer to define and explore their own career interests and discover career paths, including higher education that will enable them to achieve their career goals. Some volunteers or employer develop long-term, positive relationship with adults as a result of their job shadow experiences.

Benefits to Employers For employers in Poland, leszno its great hosting job shadows is a chance to make a difference in the workforce of the future without making a major time commitment. It's exciting to help international volunteers make the link between learning, creating, acting and education and many employers state that they and their employees discover new skills and talents in the process of sharing their job skills. Benefits to organization Staff in organization report that employer participate in job shadowing are excited and often are more motivated learners. Integrating job shadowing into schools, university, and education institution program allow the organization to enhance their career development curriculum. As a result of arranging job shadowing for their students as well as local volunteers, form positive relationships with community members and local employers.

Learning objective

  • Develop resume building skills by participating in program activities and meetings.

  • Explore career path options that concern directly to a specific academic major or area of interest.

  • Connect with professionals in a particular field of study.

  • Establish a network of connections in order to improve future employment prospects.

  • Increase knowledge of organization trends.

  • Understand the importance of developing strong organization brainpower.


During job shadowing project I took part in various activities. I took part in different training activities: animation for local community, team building activities, financial management of EU projects, management of local volunteers, public relation and marketing, cooperation with business and public sector.

Apart of the I had opportunity for observation of CAT working sites where international volunteers are working:

  • Daily room in primary school number 3

  • Spanish class in high school no 2

  • Language café- non formal language club

  • Institution which work with family crisis supporting

Also I took part in various presentations of my country and tolerance & human rights education.

  • In high school no 2

  • Cultural dinner in library for local community, we prepared national food

  • Presentation in higher vocational state school in leszno


  • Language barrier (very traditional)

  • transportation (inside leszno/outside the leszno )

  • food

  • self organized rules and regulation for every program coordinator


Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job employee job training in which a new employee or an employee desiring to become familiar with a job, follows and observes a trained and experienced employee. Job shadowing is an effective form of job training for certain jobs.

Job shadowing allows a student, employee, or intern to gain comprehensive knowledge about what an employee who holds a particular job does in that job every day.

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