Netherlands with Paolo Llige (All by Myself in H-O-L-L-A-N-D)

It’s weekend and I’m excited to do a bit of sightseeing. I researched everything about good places to go in The Netherlands. And while I’m on it, I chanced upon this Tulips garden called Keukenhof which is a very famous flower garden in Holland. But unfortunately, the garden is closed for the season and will reopen on April 2015 (sad eh?). My initial plan for the weekend was actually to go to Germany primarily because of Autobahn and Munich. Autobahn because I really want to drive really fast but the problem is I don’t have a car. Munich because I saw this movie 8 years ago which is memorable for me and quite interested with the city. I posted a note in my Facebook account to look for friends who might be interested to help me get around Germany. I got a few response and got embarrassed with the fact that I will have to disturb my friend’s friends who are in Germany to accompany me for this supposed trip. So I decided not to go and stay put in Amsterdam instead. I went to three parks and biked 30 km around and outside Amsterdam. While biking, I saw a Nomads Festival signboard

And went there for free to check how European people party. I’ve stayed for an hour and had to leave to proceed to my other sightseeing itinerary (because its not normal to party without friends along with you).

I went next to the Rembrandt Park and paddled my bike around. When I felt that there was less interesting things to do there, I biked my way to another park — The Vondel Park. This park is more like a resting place for people as compared to the Rembrandt park which is more like jogging, running and a physical fitness place. After taking photos and videos of the Vondel Park, I did what most people there are doing, I sat on the grass to take a shortrest. While enjoying the mood the lovely atmosphere was giving me that time, a lady suddenly approached me and engaged in a conversation. She started and said, “nice equipment you have” and then I said "thank you”. She went on to ask me what was my purpose of filming and taking photos to which I said it’s for my personal keepsake and she continued to be inquisitive mostly about my being a tourist.

So I told her that I’m from the Philippines and here at Amsterdam to do projects for the EU (European Union). When it was my turn to ask her questions, for some reason, the conversation went from acquainting with each other to her personal life.

She's from Sweden and she was now travelling by herself as before she used to travel with her boyfriend. They’ve been to Croatia, Australia, Norway, and other Scadinavian Countries. As they had broken up 3 months ago, she’s now all by herself. Suddenly, she started to cry and I don’t know what to do because people are looking at us as if I did something to her so I was getting nervous also. I tried to calm her and break the ice by telling her that at least she now knew that she can travel alone and she can have the time to nurture and pick up herself after the breakup. I joked to her that probably why she chose Holland because of what it stands for in the anagram ---Hope Our Love Last And Never Dies. Surprisingly, she began to crack up and laughed with this cheesy pick up line. I left the park after that short encounter, while I was biking my way back home, it suddenly occurred to me that not all people travel for leisure sometimes they want to forget painful moments that happened in their lives or probably that they just want to be alone. So I’ve said to myself that I can travel by myself without getting into trouble and at least know my way around a foreign place. I learned that when you have time for yourself you also have the opportunity to reflect on many things and i suddenly i began to realize that i had a flat tire. what a great way to end the day!

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