Lithuania - Summer 2014 - the third week (Wahyu Agung Yon)

Monday – June 23, 2014 Last day in Klaipeda so I went to other city, it took 30 minutes by bus. That city called Palanga. It was nice place. I could see so many old building include church and near from Baltic sea. We (me and Giedre) were walking through old city and passing some park with statue. I saw lady and snake statue and then Giedre told me that they have some legend about lady and snake. I could not remember the name of lady, snake, and so on but I could remember that sad story. I got goosebump suddenly, and picture of that statue which I took disappear when I wrote this blog.

We continued walking and we arrived in a nice beach. Giedre told me to touch the Baltic sea, because Baltic sea will call me back. And she told me I must taste the water, and it was not salty like Indonesian sea. I saw some people swimming there. Are they crazy? I wore thick jacket and they were swimming! And we arrived in nice wooden bridge. It was more than 10 years from first they built it. Some people were fishing with their family. I really loved that moment. Before leaving we took lunch and I ate a pink soup called Šaltibarščiai.

Time was running out, so we were running to bus station which went to train station in Kretinga. It took 20 minutes and we arrived in the Kretinga Train station. We went to Plunge and when we arrived, Agne picked us up with car. We went to Plateliai to celebrate the shortest night in summer. It was really new for me, because in Indonesia everyday looks same. We arrived in Agne’s friend house, Rita. Rita had big and beautiful house. She wore crown from flower, Agne said that all girls in Plateliai wore crown from flower and in the middle of the night they should threw their crown to the lake and if a guy took that crown the girl should marry him. It was nice tradition; it seems easy to get relationship in there. LOL!

After we took dinner we went to village near Rita’s house. In that village I could see so many girls wore flower crown. Then an old man spoke to us that we must found flower in field next to village, but we had requirement: after found 1 flower we must walk 9 steps and pick other flower. We must do it until we got 9 flowers. On the way to field I met my Youth Summer Academy friend. I was happy that I could meet him. After we got 9 flowers we could go to fortune tellers. After waiting for 30 minutes finally my turn. Agne helped me to translate what fortune teller said. Fortune teller said that nice bouquet from me, she could see that I had so many friends, I was warm and I could easily make friends, I had big dreams, but she said in that night I will not find a lover. But she hoped that I could come next year and find my lover in that event.

The event started, and people started to dance. They danced all night long. It was so cold there, but the people were so warm here. I met some people and they talk to me nicely. I was leaving before the party was over, but it was greatest night ever.

Tuesday – June 24, 2014 We woke up in noon. Seems we tired so much. After eat lunch, we went to see lake and nature reserve national park near Rita’s house. After we arrived, Rita started her story about the lake. There are so many legend in Lithuania, I thought only in Indonesia. Rain was falling down, and we just ignore it. We walking to national park. In Indonesia, if we want come to National Park we must pay—but not in Plateliai. We just walking through forest, it was awesome! Giedre said that I should take deep breath there before I came back to Indonesia. LOL. We arrived in a lake called Angry Lake, because if we step in the lake it was 50 meter deep. I really love that place, so silent, fresh air, and a lot of birds like an eagle or crow.

After several hours we left and came back to Vilnius. Before we came back to Vilnius, Agne took me to Kaunas to see the biggest mosque in there. We arrived at 7 pm, and I prayed there. Even the mosque looks small for me, but I loved it. I missed praying in a mosque after I already spent 2 weeks in Lithuania. After we took a view for some minutes we continued our journey to Vilnius.

Wednesday – June 25, 2014 I got free time, and Giedre said I could walk around Vilnius before diner. She said that on diner we will meet Indonesia guys who had an exhibition in Lithuania. Before I went to old town, I give some birds bread in park. So, on afternoon I went to the ruins of castle near from cathedral in old town. It was called Gediminas Tower; it located in hill about 500 meters from Cathedral. From top of the hill, I could see almost all part Vilnius. I wanted to climb to the top of tower but I had not enough time as I should meet Giedre. After met Giedre, we bought some ingredient for Indonesian food. We would cook Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), and I helped the Indonesian guy to cook.

We arrived in Giedre’s friend house. If I am not wrong, her name is Katarina. So many people I met, and I am bad in remembering names L. In Katarina's house I started to cook rice, because she did not have rice cooker so I cook with their way. And after view minutes the Indonesian guys came. They were Rudy and Debronzes. I really love that moment, because I could speak Indonesian, even Javanese (my mother tongue) with someone in Lithuania. After introduction each other we started to cook. They brought an Indonesian spicy sauce called sambal, I felt like home at that time. When we cooked he said that he was vocalist Metal Band from my home town and it was so famous, and I knew that band long time ago—I just did not knew their member personally. It was so awesome, more over he could cook Nasi Goreng really good.

Thursday – June 26, 2014 I had schedule in Vilnius on 8 pm. There is a organization called OCEAN Network, would held annual general meeting. Agne as Creativitas coordinator send me to help that organization as volunteer. She would picked me up at 7 pm, so I still had many time until that time. I decided to visit Rudy and Debronzes's exhibition. It was located in Uzupis, near from old town. I went there alone. Actually I were afraid if get lost, but nothing to lose. After several minutes I arrived in Uzupis and I found that place. I saw advertisement, and I am proud that Indonesia could be there. I met Debronzes and other artist. They were really nice, they explain their painting to me. A lot of beautiful painting there. I did not have many time, so I went back home before Agne pick me up.

Agne came, we went to hotel to check in. After arrived Agne told me that might be I had roommate from other country. I was so happy to hear that, because as I knew that participants in this meeting were from many country. On 8 pm the event started with welcoming drinks. In that place we met a lot of people from different country. That welcoming drinks means we could knew each other before meeting started.

Friday – June 27, 2014. Weather was so cold and seemed like I did not have roommate again, because until sun rising no one came to my room. I woke up earlier than other. I took breakfast and then went to Vilnius Gediminas Technical University for preparation. I took a part as registration. On my way, seemed like I could not find the way, but suddenly a lady came to me and offering help. She took me to right way, because she saw me trying to reading map. Once again I never doubt, weather in Lithuania was so cold but the people were so warm.

I arrived in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and starting preparation for registration. All participants came, and on 9 am the event started. Those meetings not like in my organization when we $did annual meeting. They gave some presentation before meeting, like ‘Cross cultural perspective of Leadership’, ‘Inclusion, Innovation, and Intelligence in Leadership’, and some workshop about cross-cultural leadership. In the end of session committee divided us to some groups, we had treasure hunt to explore Vilnius. Luckily, I brought map so it became easier, somehow, even thou I already lived in Vilnius and explored several time before. After we finished our treasure hunt, we went diner and that was end of the schedule.

Saturday – June 28, 2014 Ramadhan started, I must fasting that day. I woke up early and did my job like before. They still gave us workshop. Generally I like that event, but after presentation about Erasmus + organization I felt like lost in space. The meeting really started. I was trying understand but I could not get it, because in interview sessions they talking about organization. Then they divided us into 4 groups, I thought they will give us enrichment but they did not. We must do a discussion about next plan in Erasmus +. I did nothing, because my job was learning so I learnt from them how to solve their problems. I learnt how they thought, their ideas, and so on.

Discussion was the last schedule of that day; we went to diner after that. We arrived in restaurant and we ordered what we wanted. I sat with some people from different country, like Netherland, Italy, South Korea, and Romania. When food and drink came and I did not drink, Robin from Netherland asking. I explained that I was fasting, and I could ate after 10 pm. Then he helped me to setting his alarm to 10 pm. After alarm rang we celebrated end of my fasting. They really respected me and my belief. I hope I could meet them next time.

Sunday – June 29, 2014 The Annual General Meeting was over. I continued my activity in Vilnius. That day was the last time for Rudy and Debrozes’s exhibition, so I visited them for the last time and sayed good bye. It was raining, so I waited until the rain stopped before I came back to Giedre’s flat. Giedre said that we would attend the cross culture night in Trakai. We went to trakai at 5 pm. Before we went to Trakai, we visited Daugirdiskes for borrowing a projector. I really miss that place!

We arrived in Filipina restaurant. They selling some asian food include Nasi Goreng. Some people came and they started to eat. The owner from Filipina, his name was Andy. After chatting finally I knew that Andy worked in Indonesia as a photographer for my fifth president-- Megawati. He married a Lithuanian and had 2 children, and then he opened the restaurant near by his house. I could not believe that Lithuania gave me a lot of things related to my country. The World seems small for me. After finishing eating the next sessions was to interview local people. There was a Korean, an Indonesian, a Filipina, and someone who lived in China. All people who joined this must asking something with us, how we lived, what were we doing here, what were we doing there, what was the interesting place there, currency, and so on. They gave me some questions related to my job in Lithuania. Why I choose Lithuania and so on. Some people looked interested and some people looked passive. Anyway I loved that session. Agne sayed good bye to me, because next day I must come back to Indonesia. That was a nice farewell party.

Monday – June 30, 2014 Finally last day in Lithuania. After what I have done in Lithuania, I got a lot of experience. I learnt more and more there. Like the name of the project “Learning for Sustainable Development”, I will develop project in my organization and I will try to adapt and adopt what I have got. Only Giedre took me to airport, because Agne must took care her friend in hospital. It was really complicated at that time. I was happy because I wanted to come back but I was sad because I had to leave a nice country. I hope I can get another opportunity next year to visit Lithuania.

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