Lithuania - Summer 2014 - the second week (Wahyu Agung Yon)

Monday – June 16, 2014 I must prepare for my next schedule. On that day I went to Daugirdiskes. Sounded like I would discuss something there, and that was right. I visited another summer camp. In Daugirdiskes I met one group from Lithuania municipality called Kedainiai and one group from Poland. Daugirdiskes had some rooms to stay. Agne, Giedre’s colleague introduced me to trainers and they said that I should put my backpack in my room. Because this was group discussion between two countries, so in my mind all of them could speak English, and that I would have roommate. But it was not like my expectation; I had nice room but it was only for me.

After lunch the program started. Trainers gave us a lot of games to know each other. They wanted to let us discovered potential in our self. In first day, we did not talk each other group. They were too shy to explore their English.

Tuesday – June 17, 2014 In next day, we started our day with ice breaking, and then we divided to 2 groups to drawing some puzzle. In that section I could see how we communicated each other, because in the groups were mixed between Lithuanian and Polish. Some of them were trying to solve the problems, and some of them were just following. In that day, seem they still afraid to express their feeling. Some of them still talked with their language, but other could explore their English. And for the last task, trainers told them to make social map in each country. In this part I did not took a part. And finally they wrap that day with expectation what they wanted next day.

Wednesday – June 18, 2014 In this day three trainers divided us again into 4 groups. The next task is to make the performance of what we have done in our countries. And they performed zuma dance, pajama’s class, music concert, and drama about environment. After lunch trainers gave us free time to do whatever we want. We used it to playing together to know each other more.

Thursday – June 19, 2014 In the 4th day, we were divided by 8 groups. And in this section seem more serious. Trainers gave us task to discussed about youth problems around us. And after we got the problems, we should make the problems solution in our way. As we know, that we have a lot of youth problems around us. But we must find the nearest and we must solve it with our power. Not blaming government, parents, police, or other. In this discussion each groups had same problems, and it was about “life on the line”. Every youth nowadays always uses phone and internet. And it is not so good for live in real social ways. And some groups solve the problems by holding an event called “one day without gadget”. And it was reasonable. And I hope I can use the same approach and adopt the action in my country after I come back. And the last task of today was making video. Each country must make video about what we did in Daugirdiskes.

Friday – June 20, 2014 Last day in Daugirdiskes!! Some participants could not sleep well because they were talking all night long. I think it was good, because as I know Polish and Lithuanian did not have good relation in past. So, after breakfast we did evaluation by asking each patricipant’s feeling about those 4 days. And some participants said that her English getting better because she always used it in this event. After we packed, bus took them all. And some trainer took me to my next place, it was called Trakai castle.

Trakai castle was begun on 14th century. It was nice castle because standing on an island surounded by a lake. Even it was raining, it did not make me sad. I was very happy, and I hope I am not the first Indonesian who visited that beautiful castle. Before I left this castle, I bought traditional food called Kibinai. And it was so delicious.

After I finished Kibinai, I took a bus to came back to Vilnius. Around 5 pm I arrived in Giedre’s flat and then I met her family. They were so nice, and they took me to Night of Culture event in Vilnius. In that event all corners had different event, even in underground parking. From silent disco, music concert, laser effect until opera theatre. The event held until 3 am, however, I was so tired so we came back home.

Saturday – June 21, 2014. We went to Kleipada. It was a city near Baltic sea. It took 4 hours by car. After we arrived, we took a bus to go to port. It was too cold for me even now is summer, bout 10 degrees. Before we came back home, we bought some ingredients for BBQ time next day in Giedre’s summer house. Her grandparents invited me to join family reunion.

Sunday – June 22, 2014. We arrived in Giedre’s summer house. The house was so nice. They had garden which growing vegetables and apple. And her grandparents were so nice. Even they could not speak English, they always trying to saying something and let their granddaughters translate it for me. After BBQ time we came back home. And after we took a rest, we went to beach. It was beautiful and clean beach, without any trash. Even it was so cold I was happy could spend my free time in Klaipeida.

So, in my 2nd week I learn more about how to learn, how to working in a group, how to communicate with other, and I learn new culture. More than that, I noted some new ideas and methods for raising awareness of some issues which I can bring back home. I am happy with that.

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