EVS activity in MEXICO

Project 1 - Training Centre for Industrial Work CECATI, Cuautla, Morelos

Four volunteers needed (2 from Spain, 1 from Hungary and 1 from Lithuania)

The main goals of CECATI are:

  • To provide professional training (manual and practical activities)

  • To provide complementary technical and academic skills (Accounting, languages and computing)

  • To prepare people for employment in a new career.


Main activities of the EVS volunteers:


  • Improve abilities to perform in a specific occupation by taking part in formal courses, according to their vocational interest or their previous professional background

  • Participate actively in all the local projects according to the CECATI’s Annual Programme in cultural, academic and social issues.

  • Work in a specific training project in a community, facilitating and teaching knowledge related to CECATI’s social and educational issues and the volunteers knowledge and experience in cultural and education.

  • Participation in a two-weeks international workcamp which is a reading fair that encourages the local population to read more and find ways to foster and to promote reading.


Accommodation and Food

Volunteers will be hosted in local families which allow them to discover the Mexican life style. Food will be provided by the host family and volunteers will be encouraged to learn how to cook Mexican food.


Language Support will be provided by CECATI's staff and AMVIAC (the hosting organization). Before departure to Mexico, EVS Volunteers are strongly encouraged to learn as much Spanish as they can.


Financial Support

The EVS Volunteer will receive their pocket money at the beginning of each month. Food, accommodation and transportation will be managed through AMVIAC.


Special requirements for this hosting project

Some Spanish will be very useful for those volunteers whose main language is not Spanish.

Project 2 - volunteer with VIVA in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

Two volunteers needed (1 from Spain, 1 from Hungary or Lithuania)

The volunteers will work under two projects below such as:

1.  Teaching in  disabled younger-adults Center, with these specific tasks :

  • Create workshops that deal with leadership training, life skills and other ways to empower young-adults.

  • Organize creative activities oriented around such tasks as art or specific subject of each area.

  • To help in the farm

  • To support the staff in the different areas (cafe, farm, administrative issues, etc)

  • If you have special skills you can organize the workshops

2. Teaching in a public school, with these specific tasks:

  • Teach regular classes, creating lesson plans for your daily teaching.

  • Interacting with the children.

  • Helping the other teachers

  • Create local teaching resources.

  • Create workshops to improve the values in the kids

  • To support or create  workshops for parents

  • To create workshops about the importance the social inclusion of the children with special needs.

Accommodation and food:

The volunteers will be accommodated in the volunteer’s house. They will be sharing the rooms. There is not wifi in the house. The volunteers will cook for her/himself.

Schedules: From Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 2:00 pm). Sometimes we have special events, so will appreciate the participation of the volunteers.

Special requirements: autonomous, proactive, open minded, flexible, able to adapt to the social context, communication skills,  sense of responsibility, experience in the areas will be appreciated.


Video about San Cristobal de las Casas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxSxAsmglTM

Project 3: Volunteer with KIEKARE in Guadalajara, 

Two volunteers needed (1 from Spain and 1 from Hungary or Lithuania)

Main activities of the EVS volunteers:


  • Volunteers will form part of the coordination team organizing outdoor-education camps for school classes, focusing on learning through experience (mostly on weekends). They will be working with youngsters in the age ranging from 12 to 19. Responsibilities during the camps will be: logistics, help in the kitchen, facilitating group processes, sharing their experiences as international volunteers.

  • Support the team in the implementation of workshops. Topics are for example: participation, voluntarism, sustainability, anti-discrimination, gender equality and human rights.

  • Volunteers will also work in the office planning and implementing projects of the organization.

  • Volunteers will be encouraged to develop their own small project in the time they´re in Mexico. If they show interest in a certain topic or have abilities they would like to share, the team of Kiekare will provide guidance and help them to translate these ideas into action.

Accommodation and Food

Volunteers will be hosted by families within Kiekare's network (possibly volunteers will have to share a room).

On weekdays they will eat with the host families and on weekends food will be provided by Kiekare in the place of the camps.


Language Support

Language support will be provided by volunteers of Kiekare. Before departure to Mexico, EVS Volunteers are strongly encouraged to learn as much Spanish as they can.


Financial Support

The EVS Volunteer will receive their pocket money at the beginning of each month. Food, accommodation and transportation will be managed through Kiekare.


Special requirements for this hosting project

easy-going, outgoing, willing to be part of a team, proactive, open-minded, independent, sense of responsibility, willing to work (if necessary) on weekends.

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