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In this space you can find a commonly asked questions for the past few years, and during the different projects, in different countries with different sending organizations and different lenght. Some of the answers are very project specific and some of them are generic. Please read them carefully and if you still have some questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I do other EVS project after one out of Europe if it is for 2 months?

This is unfortunately impossible. Young person is allowed to implement the second project only if the first one was a short term, meaning lasted 59 days or less. The EVS projects which are funded in the framework of the Capacity Building programme can start from 60 days. We are not allowed to offer this kind of projects as a short term. Therefore even if it is only a matter of one day, if you decide to participate it will be your only EVS you can do.

This summer I will turn 17, do I have any chance to be selected?

In general in our project we are looking for volunteers 18 years old and more (up to 30). The EVS programme is allowing participants who are 17 to participate, but due to the different laws in different countries we are doing it only when the young person is identified before the project is send to Brussels for funding, and if we put the additional measures for the accommpany person. In case you will be turning 17 after the activities starts you are not elegible for the project.

Can I participate in the project if I am from Poland?

Each call for volunteers is open for the residents of the specific countries only. The countries are decided based on where the sending organization are based, that collaborates with us, and with the different projects we tent to change the organizations. Meaning if your country is not listed int he call, you are not elegible to apply, but it doesn´t mean that the opportunities will not come in the future.

Hello, I am from Serbia and I am looking for EVS project in Asia or Oceania. Do you know any projects I could apply for?

The EVS activity for now can be done only within the programme countries, and between one programme and one partner country. Since Serbia is a partner country the volunteers can do their service only in the programme country for now. If you are interested in volunteering in Asia you can do it outside of the EVS programme. Here are some of the possibilities:

I am interested in Happy 2.0's projects but I am not available for the 5 or 6 months that the project takes place. I would like to know if you offer any EVS service with flexible dates.

Unfortunately we cannot be flexible with dates. The projects are design with it´s own logic and all the volunteers should start and finish in the same dates.

Hello, I would like to ask till when is the deadline to apply?

For Happy 2.0 project the official deadline for applications is 24th of April.

Hi, would you accept a volunteer from Italy?

In order to provide the EVS vacancy we need to submit the project to get the financing from European Comission. To do so we need to have already established partnership, and this means that all sending and hosting organization needs to be decided. This as well influence for whom the project is dedicated (residents of which country). So In case of Happy 2.0 project we cannot accept applicants from Italy, but we recommend to sign up for our newsletter, and whenever this kind of possibility will appear we will keep you informed.

My question is: is it possible to apply for more than one volunteering opportunity?

Yes it is possible. You can apply for all 3 placements - in Nepal, Vietnam and Mexico. You need to remember that for each project you need to fill out the separate application form, since there might be different motivation to participate in different project, and we want to understand why this specific project interests you.

I'm very interested in EVS. you have projects for social assistance (I am a social worker) for Italian? Thanks

You need to always check which countries are participating in the specific call for proposal, since the participating coutnries are always selected in the moment of creating the project and obtaining financing for the project.

I'm very interested in participate in a volunteer program. But im not sure if i can be a candidate for this kind of programs, i was born in Colombia, so i have the colombian nationality, however i have the spanish nationality, because my grandfather was born in spain. So i dont know if i can participate if i have two nationalities.

For the EVS project it doesn´t matter what kind of nationality you have. The criteria is based on the residency, meaning the place where you live and from where for example you pay taxes. Of if you would be unemployed the place where you would register as unemployed person. So what we are looking for here is the official residency, and your permanent address. Why? because we will need to meet with you few times to prepare you.

In which language I can apply for the project.

In order to facilitate the communication between sending and hosting organizations we would like to ask to apply as much as possible in English. If you do not speak any English you can apply in your national language.

I would like to receive some information if it's possible, about your EVS. I'm interested at doing one EVS and I would like to know what I have to do to carry it out.

Acctually all the information about the EVS project you can find on the web. There are different secctions dedicated to the different activities, and the full information about the tasks and conditions is provided. 

Hi, I would like to ask whether there is any chance to participate when being over 30s? I'm 32 years old, recently graduated (PhD programme), unemployed and really interested in volunteering.

I am really sorry, but in ths case it is impossible. The programme is financed by the European Comission in the framework of the ERASMUS+, and the age limit for participants is decided by the official rules of the programme. There are other programmes though!

I'm 26 years and I´m interested in your proyect. Could you send me more information?

For more information about the project please consult the information in our web under this link: . In the left menu you will be able to choose which kind of information you need, if after reading you're still having doubts, don't hesitate in writing us again!

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If you sill have some questions do not hesitate to contact us:
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