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Your experience at RUCHI will give you many things if you let it. This is a great opportunity to really interact with the RUCHI Indian staff. They are very welcoming to volunteers and will always like you to join them in their houses and activities – you just have to be proactive about interacting with them as well. The majority of them are very modest about their English but some are very good and most have at least the basics. They also think that Westerners need lots of personal space (they have all been taught this because it is so different from Indian people) so you will need to let them know what is comfortable for you. If you want to spend lots of time with them – they will greatly appreciate that but if you would like to spend time reading and being alone they will understand that too. There is limited internet and very slow computers so don’t expect to have much time on the computer.

The best thing you can do is go with an open mind and a desire to get to know and understand the Indian people you will work/ live with and you will gain so much from this experience. They are doing their every day work and will include you as much as they can, you need to let them know you want to be included. Some people go with the expectation of saving the world but in reality you will be helping a non- government organisation that is slowly having an amazing effect in very difficult terrain with a huge number of obstacles in front of them. The best thing you can do is offer whatever you can and be their friend – so they know they have your support.


Project No. 1:  Water Resource Management, Sustainable Development and Environment

Water is one of the most precious natural resources needed for survival of life on the planet.  Very often it is not that we suffer from shortage of water but because of lack of efficient management of water.  Owing to heavy dependence on tap water and ground water extraction the natural sources are ignored.  In hill, all along the people have been relying on these natural sources for the water needs.

Work: Volunteer under this project will be based in rural setting and  involved in creating awareness regarding environmental importance of fresh water springs among local community and youth. They are also expected to develop methodology to protect and replenish these fresh water springs.  Working closely with local youth following tasks shall be undertaken by volunteers.


  1. Creating a data base of these fresh water springs within area.

  2. Evaluating their present conditions and collecting water samples for testing.

  3. Developing and implementing a recharge plan using traditional methods and using local resources.

  4. Environmental education

  5. Study and document alternative sources of income generation

  6. Recommend specific skills development activities

  7. Tree plantation

Volunteer with prior experience in following field are most welcome to apply and bring in new ideas.

Number of volunteers: 1

From where: Spain

Project No. 2:  Health Education & Sanitation:

Volunteer will be involved in environmental education in the same area and work with youth workers and community leaders to initiate  actions aiming at environmental sanitation, improve climatic changes and restrict global warming.  Basically that will include education and awareness creation using various tools but any physical action leading to check Global warming, climate change, depletion of natural resources will be highly appreciated. 


The volunteer will help to educate and create awareness involving youth and rural people on water, sanitation, hygiene and health standards (WASH).   The volunteers will have to be innovative so that they can design and use their own tools in consultation with RUCHI team with regard to their appropriateness and local needs. Following activities shall be undertaken by Volunteers:


  1. Developing educational material and awareness campaign on WASH education.

  2. Implementing the campaign in community.

  3. Collect data on prevalent diseases with special reference to water borne diseases.

  4. Hosting workshop at local schools creating youth awareness on WASH.

  5. Mobilising youth towards environmental protection.

  6. Educate people on environmental concerns like Global warming, climate change, depletion of natural resources, etc.

Number of volunteers: 1

From where: Poland

Project No. 3:  IVS programme management



Keeping in view the need, easy accessibility and convenience of rural communities, RUCHI had created its base in a small rural village.  Because of its location, it is hard to get English speaking volunteers/youth who could assist the IVS programme.


Work:  2 volunteers are required as a part of organizational capacity building.  RUCHI is located in a remote village where part time working is not practiced.  Committed skilled and specialized people are hard to get in this remote rural area. 


The volunteers are required for general administration of organization and be involved with International Voluntary Service projects.  He/She will be required to promote volunteers projects, reply mails and help administer projects during the season.  If the need be, they will also raining and lead a short term workcamp as a Team Leader.  In free time, he will be required to go to villages also along with other team members and learn and contribute. 

Number of volunteers: 1

From where: France

Project No.  4:  Teaching kids:

Background:  In the interior rural areas, education of children in expensive private schools is unaffordable by local communities.   Consequently, they send their children to government schools.  However, the attitudes of teachers there is a little indifferent and not very pro-active.  To meet people’s demand for better education some committed teachers have started less expensive private schools in rural areas.   Bogdhar village has one such school. The school enrolls children from economically poor families from the rural areas. The focus of education here is on social aspects.   


Work:  The two volunteers will be involved in teaching English to the children in the age group 6-11 in a small village based school.  The school wants the volunteers to add value to the teaching and improve on the pronunciation and grammar.   The idea is to make education interesting and fruitful to them and prepare and encourage them to improve on their English for a better future.


During free time, volunteers’ involvement in health and sanitation education in the same area will be appreciated.  They can work with youth workers and community leaders to develop health educational activities for their well being.

Number of volunteers: 2

From where: France and Spain


Accommodation:  Accommodation is on sharing basis with common toilets and bath with host family in Rajgarh area.

Volunteers selected for Solan district will stay in RUCHI complex on twin sharing basis having an access to English WC.


Food:   Food offered will be simple authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly cooked.  Three meals a day will be served/provided.  Assistance while cooking is desired of volunteers.  Volunteers are free to cook meals of their country choice on every Sunday.

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