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HOSTING ORGANIZATION: Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej (Centre for Creative Activity), Leszno, Poland Tasks: 11.10.2018-9.12.2018 - organizing Human Rights Day, Human rights workshops - organizing VOLUNTEERS DAY. Parade for volunteers - leading activities , animating free time for local kids youth, possibly also adults. - presentations in English in local schools, institutions - supporting in organization event: Foundation CAT birthday /7.12.2018/ - supporting organization language café - making local community aware of global values (by presentations, workshops, discussions, conversations, etc.) about various issues related to Europe, SDG and the specific countries where the volunteers come from. - Promoting the EVS by: a) publishing blog; b) being in constant touch with the local magazines and newspapers; c) preparing reports about the EVS activities in the region; d) staying in contact with the local community representatives during oriented meetings; e) participation in meetings and workshops. - Activities aiming at developing young people's personalities in terms of being independent, creative, enterprising both in social and cultural issues as well as those that refer to the environment protection: - - Cooperation in organizing and leading workshops on:education, young people's rights, drugs, alcohol, crime, health - Presentation and promotion of the local heritage; - Culture activities (music, dance, artistic expression); -Helping people to improve and widen their language skills:
- Give non-formal language lessons for the students that might be interested in it (either in English or in mother-tongue of the volunteer). - Sharing your skills and passions of the volunteer Skills required: passion to cooperate with schools, leading trainings: about your country, leadership, human rights Practical information
We will provide the following facilities and logistics:
- Accommodation: Shared room in Leszno town with internet access (located not far away from the centre).
- Office equipments: desks, computers, Wireless internet, Telephone,
- Training courses: we offer a lot of possibilities to participate in special workshops and training
- Polish language support
- Personal support - mentor, coordinator of work, coordinator of project.

- Working hours - Volunteers will be working 40 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are usually free. Profile of the EVS volunteers
 Speak communicative English
There can be communication problem if the volunteer doesn’t speak English. This is the most important criterion and your English language capabilities might be checked if you are preselected to do EVS in Leszno.
 Be enthusiastic and motivated
A short EVS project needs motivated volunteers. Please show us in your application why you want to join the project and our oragnisation.
 Be proactive
We expect the volunteer to work with us to come up with clear goals and expectations and make the most from his/her time in the EVS. That also means personal involvement in improving own EVS program.
 Like to moving
As those project you will meet different kids, youth and people you have to be ready for moving from one place to another
• The SO is responsible to make sure the CIGNA insurance and pre dep training
• The SO is responsible for buying ticket together with volunteer . If you are interested and willing to become part of that projects take the following steps: Send us CV up to 30.06.2018 to evs@fundacja-cat.pl, after that we will make skype with preselected. IMPORTANT NOTICES BEFORE APPLYING FOR VOLUNTEER
• Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej provides language support. Volunteer has the right to resign without any consequences.
• For your transport you will receive a bike to move through the city. You will also use the trains and buses here . All the travels connected with the project are reimbursed.
• It is very wise to save some money before coming to Leszno. The pocket and food money is decent for EVS, but won’t leave you a lot of space to explore Poland. If you really want to enjoy your EVS, explore the country and meet up with other EVS volunteers in other cities we would highly recommend to have some other resources then the basic EVS allowances. The other fact for this advice is that your insurance on EVS is not paying for any healthcare in advance as long as you are not administered in the hospital. This means in practice that you have to pay in advance for your healthcare and have to wait weeks before AXA is reimbursing the money to your bank account.
If you have still doubts – watch the reports of our EX EVS volunteers:
More about us you can see:
- on FUNDACJACAT youtube channel
-FB Fun page

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