EVS activity in Mexico

Projects 1 and 2 will take place in Cuernavaca, Morelos


Volunteers from the European Voluntary Service will participate in the Albanta A.C. The Centro Albanta AC is a Mexican non-profit organization, located in the city of Cuernavaca Morelos, which aims at promoting the right of people with Intellectual Disability and Multiple Disability to live independently and be included in the community. These goals are reached through housing projects, training spaces and spaces for the accompaniment of people with a family member with Intellectual Disability and Multiple Disability, implementing a community life model that seeks to support and encourage people with disabilities and their families in a first experience in the road to independent life. The project includes three fundamental areas that are: Anbania collective homes (Anbania means "My family" in the Balanka language of the Balanka locality, Togo, Africa), Anbania Day Homa and the Accompaniment Space for "La Belleza" families , with a model of community life. The project is carried out in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos in the center of the country. ALBANTA A.C. and AMVIAC have established a collaboration which aims to integrate national and international volunteers in the development of the project as well as its promotion, visibility and dissemination. This collaboration between the two institutions will allow the project Albanta A.C. meet their objectives and offer volunteers a ground of practice and learning experience as they will support the staff of the institution in the beginning of this ambitious project planned to start with a pilot phase in February 2019. Thus the volunteers will be part of the preparatory work for the areas that make up Albanta AC


Main activities of EVS volunteers:

Volunteers who participate in the Albanta A.C., which consists of two main projects, will carry out the following activities:



Support to the Community Liaison team, participating in the dissemination activities of the projects, such as:

Organization and monitoring of events, talks and informative conferences, use of social networks to disseminate the activities of the Association, participation in the creation and maintenance of the Association's website, documenting the activities of the association through photography and video, and participation in activities in general


Special requirements for this project

Good disposition for team work, interest and skills for the use of technologies and social networks, graphic design and knowledge of design and maintenance of web pages, taste for photography and video editing, and interest in learning or improving Spanish (in case of not being Spanish-speaker)





Support to the pedagogical coordination team, participating in the activities of conformation of the project, such as:


Contribute with ideas for the elaboration of the project, participation in the conception and creation of the programs and manuals of the Albanta AC project, participation in the organization of activities, workshops and courses for families in the Space for the Family "La Belleza", support to the team in conducting interviews and surveys and participation in activities in general


Special requirements for this project

We expect a good disposition for teamwork, enthusiasm for working on a project that is shaping up to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities, knowledge about pedagogical projects of independent living for people with disabilities and Spanish A2, or basic knowledge


Accommodation and food

Volunteers will be hosted by local families, which will allow them to discover the Mexican way of life. The food will be provided by the host family and the volunteers will be able to learn and prepare Mexican cuisine


Linguistic support

Language support will be provided by Albanta A.C. and AMVIAC.

Before leaving for Mexico, SVE volunteers are recommended to learn Spanish as much as possible so that their volunteering is as enriching as possible.


Financial support

The SVE volunteer will receive his pocket money at the beginning of each month. Food, accommodation and local transportation will be managed through AMVIAC.

Project 3 will take place in Guadalajara



The EVS volunteers will be placed in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco in western Mexico. The Metropolitan area of Guadalajara is the second biggest urban space in Mexico with approximately 5 million inhabitants.


The volunteers will work with Kiekare, based in Guadalajara.

Kiekare is a non-profit organization fostering youth participation and active citizenship by using methods of experiential (teaching through experience) and global education. Kiekare constantly develops non-formal learning opportunities with and for young people as well as educational institutions.


Main activities of the EVS volunteers:


  • Volunteers will form part of the coordination team organizing outdoor-education camps for school classes, focusing on learning through experience (mostly on weekends). They will be working with youngsters in the age ranging from 12 to 19. Responsibilities during the camps will be: logistics, help in the kitchen, facilitating group processes, sharing their experiences as international volunteers.

  • Support the team in the implementation of workshops. Topics are for example: participation, voluntarism, sustainability, anti-discrimination, gender equality and human rights.

  • Volunteers will also work in the office planning and implementing projects of the organization.

  • Volunteers will be encouraged to develop their own small project in the time they´re in Mexico. If they show interest in a certain topic or have abilities they would like to share, the team of Kiekare will provide guidance and help them to translate these ideas into action.


Accommodation and Food

Volunteers will be hosted by families within Kiekare's network (possibly volunteers will have to share a room).

On weekdays they will eat with the host families and on weekends food will be provided by Kiekare in the place of the camps.


Language Support

Language support will be provided by volunteers of Kiekare.

Before departure to Mexico, EVS Volunteers are strongly encouraged to learn as much Spanish as they can.


Financial Support

The EVS Volunteer will receive their pocket money at the beginning of each month. Food, accommodation and transportation will be managed through Kiekare.


Special requirements for this hosting project

easy-going, outgoing, willing to be part of a team, proactive, open-minded, independent, sense of responsibility, willing to work (if necessary) on weekends.

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