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Pistes-Solidaires is an association of education that works to promote knowledge, competences and attitudes in favour of justice and equality in a multicultural society and in an interdependent world. Pistes-Solidaires was created in 2002 with the ambition to raise awareness about global problems and to show the potential of change, but also to help people understand the links between their lives and the lives of other people all over the world.

We see education as a whole and also our educational actions- which last throughout life- based on the 4 pillars of UNESCO: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.

Pistes-Solidaires is a European Non-Governmental Organisation that is very active at the European level. Pistes-Solidaires consists of 3 departments:

- Educational mobility: it aims to give people the chance to experience learning mobility through European programmes such as EVS, youth exchanges, training courses, lifelong learning projects, senior volunteering… Pistes-Solidaires is now coordinating an innovative project at regional level: a platform aiming at informing and give concrete opportunities to young people about mobility abroad in many fields such as studies, volunteering, internships, jobs…

- European cooperation: Pistes Solidaires aims at increasing the impact of EU cooperation at a local level in the following topics: education, social inclusion, social-cultural field (such as Grundtvig multilateral projects, Fundamental Rights & Citizenship, Leonardo Transfer of Innovation in the previous programs, KA1 and KA2 from 2014)

- Local development: we aim to increase European values and people knowledge about Europe. We have received the label of “Europe Direct Information Centre” from the European Commission in 2013.

Pistes Solidaires is based in the city of Pau in the Southwest of France and is a federation gathering 13 members. The organisation has also a “daughter organisation” based in Marseille, Pistes-Solidaires Méditerranée.


The EVS period will take place in the city Pau located in the South-West of France.


The volunteer will join the team of Pistes-Solidaires. There are in total 9 staff and more or less all the time 5 volunteers.

The volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in different activities of the association, many of them being related to active participation and non-formal education.

1. During the hosting period for the Charger project, a Nepalese and a Vietnamese volunteer will be hosted from another project.

These two volunteers and the selected person from Charger will work on the implementation of different workshops at local level for which the target group will be local youngsters in order to make them know volunteering opportunities and encourage them to get involved in their local community.

The main topics of the workshops will be:

- Volunteering as a mean of empowerment and social inclusion

-  Understanding diversity and promoting intercultural dialogue

- Encourage young people’s participation in the democratic process and in the society


2. Pistes-Solidaires is involved in different school activities in primary schools and secondary schools in order to promote cultural diversity. The volunteer will join the team going in the schools and will lead several activities in order to share their culture.


3. Pistes-Solidaires has just started a new service in the field of mobility for young people. This service is actually a website on which youngsters can take an appointment with people in different cities of the region where the organisation is settled. The appointment is actually the opportunity for young people to meet someone who will help them to make their will to move abroad a reality by helping them to think about it and give them real opportunities in different fields: studies, internships, jobs, volunteering, au pair… In order to propose opportunities, Pistes-Solidaires is filling in everyday a database with concrete offers. The volunteer will help the team in this task by checking different websites but also making researches about opportunities that could exist for French people willing to go to Nepal and even Asia.


4. The month of May is full of events for Pistes-Solidaires. Indeed, it is officially the month of Europe. Thus, the organisation, being officially certified by the European Commission to promote Europe at local level, organises many events such as conferences, activities in schools, cinemas, restaurants and leisure centres (…) for all the publics. The volunteer will participate in this month of activities by leading activities, creating animations.

5. Last but not least, the volunteer will participate in activities promoting volunteering and mobility for young people in events organised by Pistes-Solidaires but also during events where the organisation is asked to come to present mobility programs.

This list of activities is not exhaustive. Indeed, depending on the skills and motivations of the selected volunteer, he/she will have the opportunity to get involved in other activities such as:

- Supporting the activities of communication of the organisation: updates of the website of the organisation and/or project websites, online promotion of the organisation, development of communication tools (flyers, posters for events…)

- Supporting the team in writing projects such as capacity building projects.

- Supporting activities of local development such as the development of a local network of local volunteers who would like to participate actively in the activities of Pistes-Solidaires

The opportunity will also be given to the volunteer to develop his/her own project if he/she wants.


The volunteers' timetable will correspond to the opening hours of Pistes-Solidaires (9:00-12:00 – 14:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday). Friday afternoon will be free and an additional half-day will be dedicated to the learning of French language. However, schedules can be shifted according to events taking place some evenings or weekends. 2 days off per month.


The volunteers will live in a flat rented by Pistes-Solidaires in the city centre of Pau. He/she will share the flat with other people involved in the projects of the hosting organization from other countries. The flat is fully equipped (Internet connexion, washing machine, 5 bedrooms, living room,…).

Each month, the volunteers will receive money for food (210€) as well as pocket money (115€).

Depending on the projects led by the organisation and the number of volunteers that will be hosted at the same time, the volunteer may have to share his/her bedroom for some weeks during the EVS period.


A bike and a bus card will be provided to the volunteer.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS HOSTING PROJECT (a part form general requirements) 

The volunteer must be motivated to participate in such a project. They must be interested in the fields of:

- Animation and non-formal education

- International mobility

He/she will have to be interested in discovering Europe and the European Union since many activities of the organisation have a European dimension.

The volunteer will have to speak English.

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